UBP13 After-Party – Meet & Greet



Hi all. Welcome to my blog abode. I’m a #singer #dancer #writer #disneylover #choreographer #journalmaker #lovernotafighter #survivor. Follow me if you’re any of those! 🙂

As always, I had a FANTASTIC (because we should all use that word more) time at the #UBP! Although I’m not a human mom, I am a dog mom, so I think that counts enough for me to participate! I’m giving away a Disney Autograph Book at UBP13, so I hope the lucky winner likes it!! I’m also giving away a Golden Book journal here if you’d like to enter by Sunday night!

Please follow & favorite my shop on Etsy and Like my shop on Facebook. 🙂 It would mean a lot to me. If you joined Swagbucks via my link, it would mean even MORE! 🙂

I’m currently celebrating the After-Party in some sweet sweatpants with a (water) glass of wine. Tasty! I’m watching my 19-year-old self in an old VHS of my college production of Godspell too. Anyone else doing that? hehe.

NOTE: I’ll be opening a new site May 1 with an ENTIRE MONTH of giveaways to celebrate, so please bookmark http://www.shebecameabutterfly.net now (even though it’s not live yet). You won’t want to miss out!!

During the party, I met many fabulous bloggers from all over the US. I’d like to take a moment and introduce them to you! I’d still love to meet more new bloggers that share some of the same interests and personality as me. If any of my traits match up with yours, leave a comment and let’s bond! Please also visit my Etsy shop, Once Upon a Time, Again. Use code OUATA10 for an #UBP13 exclusive 10% discount! Hint: All items are already 10% off, so that makes your item 20% off! PS – Kitsch Jewelry just exploded into my shop today!

First of all, I “met” Miss Angie of My So-Called Chaos. Not only is she HILARIOUS, but a talented graphic designer to boot! In fact, I’m commandeering her professional talents to put the finishing touches on my new site, She Became a Butterfly. Check out her mad skills

Dayngr taught me how to create a beautiful, yet readable and simple “About” page. I’m going to use it as a guide when I make my own. You should too.

I’m now following Corrupted Coloring Books, because this mom & dad team turn coloring book pages into adult magic.

I learned that the web-famous Simply Stacie is the same age as me.

Marcie and Sarah both love Disney as much as I do.

Cheeky Daddy & I both use our art degrees in our occupations. . . NOT.

I don’t know if Manic Mama is really bipolar like I am, but she cracks me UP! And in this case, “What goes up . . .” does not come down!

Amanda and several others felt the same nostalgia I feel towards Little Golden Books!

Koala Bear Writer and I have 2 things in common: our love of writing and the fact that we both own stuffed Koala Bears! Here’s my koala named Clappy.


I gained 30+ followers on Twitter and followed many more than that! Feel free to follow me if you haven’t already!

Overall, my #UBP13 experience was superb! See you next year, ladies!



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4 responses to “UBP13 After-Party – Meet & Greet

  1. That Koala bear is just adorable!
    I’m delighted to meet you through UBP13!
    Keep the party going – come join us for Friendship Friday at

    Create With Joy

  2. Hi! This is Taylor from taylormooreblog.blogspot.com. Thanks for stopping by!

    You asked about fonts but I don’t know which you meant! My header is Amatic SC, page text is Open Sans, and post title is Josefin Slab. 😉 I need to re-design here too, I just sort of threw something together!

    Liked on Facebook. 🙂

  3. You are just the sweetest and I’m so glad to have found you through the party! I’m really glad my ABOUT page inspired you. It’s been reworked so many times and now I finally feel it is where it should be.

    Looking forward to your new blog!

  4. Sounds like you had a very successful party! Yay! I’m now following you on Twitter, and I’m going to check out your new site in May…so exciting!

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