Unofficial Disney Autograph Books

Welcome to Once Upon a Time, Again‘s (OUATA) home on the web!

We recycle Golden Books into Unofficial Disney Autograph Books!

Going to Disney? Why be ORDINARY? Take a OOAK personalized UNOFFICIAL DISNEY AUTOGRAPH BOOK from Once Upon a Time, Again with YOU!

We make Disney Princess books, Mixed Disney Characters books, Honeymoon Couples books, & Villians books!! Why pay $20 for a generic, plastic, mass-produced item when you can buy HANDMADE?

All books contain Disney Character pages from books (1 for each character desired), matching scrapbook paper, envelopes & bags for keeping tickets, and white cardstock for collecting character signatures & displaying photos!!

Check out our Flickr page for TONS of example photos!

Used code OUATA10 for 10% off your order!!




Available Characters:

Mickey & Minnie
Donald, Daisy, Hewey, Dewey & Lewie Duck
Chip & Dale
Winnie the Pooh characters
101 Dalmations
3 Little Pigs (soon to WDW)
Aladdin & Jasmine characters
Alice in Wonderland characters
Bambi characters
Beauty & the Beast/Belle characters
Brer Bear & Brer Fox
Brother Bear characters
A Bug’s Life Characters
Cars characters
Cinderella characters
Duck Tales characters
Dumbo characters
Finding Nemo characters
Hercules/Megara characters
Jack Sparrow
Jungle Book
Lilo & Stitch
Lion King characters
The Little Mermaid/Ariel characters
Mulan characters
Peter Pan characters
Phineas & Ferb
Rapunzel characters
Sleeping Beauty/Aurora characters
Snow White characters
Tarzan characters
Tink & all fairies
Toy Story Characters


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