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Redecorating My Vendor Set-up

Michael’s is my kryptonite, now that it’s just down the road from me. I went in for 1 thing, as usual, and ended up spending $200.  I did, however, buy the below items to help spruce up my vendor table at craft shows. My tablecloth is green and I thought the green, pink and blue would spruce things up. You like?


I got these fake books to hold my smaller journals like the ones below that I made out of vintage bingo cards. There’s vintage ephemera inside too.


The green birdbath-type item is going to hold my rings like a jewelry dish. As you can see, my new jewelry line, Clip on the Charm, is being showcased on the metal chair. You like?



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OUATA Featured in a Once Upon a Time Treasury!

OUATA was featured in this fabulous treasury along with other Disney-themed items! Our Snow White Apple Ring was our featured item. It’s adorable and only $12! 🙂 This apple isn’t poisonous! It’s candy for the finger with a pink apple and gold trim! The ring is stretchy and fits most sizes.




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Clip on the Charms!

I’m separating my jewelry items from my journals. They just don’t make sense being in 1 shop. So, will soon open! Keep an eye out for announcements!

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New Jewelry Merchandise in the Shop!

button earringssc

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Social Media Advertising for the Etsy Seller

It’s an E-Book I’m working on. Do you think I could charge $1 for it since I spent so much time on it?

In the meantime, check out the below!



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Cocktail Rings & Kitschy Jewelry

I got bitten by the kitsch bug yesterday, and mass-produced 15 jewelry pieces in the span of an hour. lol. I had all the materials on hand – I just never felt the inspiration to use them before. Although the ring bases are new, everything else came from vintage or broken jewelry that I upcycled.

The Rings:






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